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YourKinas Single, TETRA and ISO
YourKinas is a software solution for management, by IP connection, of recorders(*) produced by Blackmagic Design.
YourKinas offers you the possibility to have an advanced control and a simple and functional interface, to exploit all the features offered by this family of recorders.
Among the most interesting features you can highlight the possibility of using the device for the airing of clips indexed in practical playlists and the synchronous control of the recorders up to a maximum of 18 devices.

YourKinas DE9 Serial
YourKinas DE9 Serial software, offers management of Recorders connected by RS 422 serial standard industry protocol.
In addition to having normal remote commands, like Playback, SHUTTLE, JOG and VAR, you can highlight the possibility of using this software for the airing of clips indexed in practical playlists and save your job in a file.

YourKinas Matrix
YourKinas Matrix software, offers management of Routers(*) produced by Blackmagic Design. Easy replacement of labels for input and output signals, clear interface for crossing, blocking and unlocking intersections, saving and restoring to and from files, snapshots for recall of immediate configurations. YourKinas Matrix works via IP connection.

  1. YourKinas Single, Tetra and ISO
  2. YourKinas control your recorders.
  3. YourKinas TETRA: up to 4 synchronized devices!
  4. YourKinas ISO: up to 18 synchronized devices.
  5. Edit Your Clips and set on the air!
  6. YourKinas Matrix: Control Router!

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